CYCLEGATE Series - Frequency Converters

CYCLEGATE Series is static frequency conversion in which the utility operating frequency is converted into another utility grade frequency or into another application-specific frequency such as 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz. These frequency converters incorporate the latest PWM technology using IGB inverters to optimize the reliability and efficiency of frequency conversion to produce very much pure sinewave output. As well, CYCLEGATE Series is designed with total flexibility in terms of input voltage and output voltage for both single phase and three phase models.

CYCLEGATE Series is offered over a wide-range of kVA ratings from 1 kVA to 1000 kVA. For heat dissipation, the exclusively special design of spot cooling is a key design feature for in CYCLEGATE Series in particular and in all APEC products in general. This is a key factor that allows a system layout with exceptionally compact design and small footprint.

This product is offered as an effective and economic solution for various applications such as civil and military aircrafts and ground radars using mobile or stationary units of 50/60-400 Hz. Also, industrial CYCLEGATE units are available as a solution for incompatible frequency utility power supply by which 50-60 Hz, or 60-50 Hz frequency conversions are achieved.
Key Design Features
State-of-the-art Technology
CYCLEGATE Series frequency converter incorporate IGBT-based PWM technology to reduce harmonic distortion and increase both crest factor tolerance and dynamic stability.

Effective Thermal Management
It is designed with a unique spot cooling thermal management design that qualifies the system to satisfactorily operate at ambient temperature more than 45 C.

High Reliability
CYCLEGATE Series frequency converters are designed for high reliability as components are selected with high de-rating factors to assure maximum MTBF.

Long Design Life
Components are carefully selected to provide system that operate at extreme ambient conditions with life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Enclosures are industrial grade that are made of firmly welded heavy-gauge steel with an attractive, long-lasting powder textured coating (RAL 7032). Standard cabinets are NEMA 1 (IP 20). Other protection classes and colors are available upon request.

Ease of Access
All components are front accessible; no side or back clearance is required. Internal components and connections are easily accessible and/or removable through the front door.

Ease of Maintenance
Most power and control modules are provided in sub-assembled chassis with plug and socket connection for easy serviceability and minimized spare part inventory.

Due to the ease of access to internal components and the plug-and-socket subassemblies in addition to the availability of self-diagnostic PCB, CYCLEGATE is accredited for exceptionally low mean time to repair (MTTR).

Ease of Installation
Cabinets are floor mountable with bottom entry equipped for cable or conduit entrance. Input, output and remote alarm connections are wired to internal terminal lugs that are easily accessible. Top entry is available upon request.

Ease of Adjustment
Output voltage, current limits and alarm levels are easily adjustable.

IEC/MIL Compliant
CYCLEGATE Series frequency converters are designed and tested in accordance with IEC standards also military standard - MIL-STD complied units are available.