LM Series - SMPS Battery Charger/Rectifiers

LM Series - Redundent power supplies are designed to deliver power in constant voltage and constant current mode by switch mode conversion in sleek 1U high cabinet and in a 19'' rack construction. This comprises power factor correction circuitry, which shapes the input current to follow the voltage to maintain almost unity power factor at full load, and limits the current harmonics in the input line.

It provides the display of the output voltage, over voltage set level and current with 3-digit LED displays. Current sharing facility in the module gives the advantage to increase the power with ease. The vents in the front and the rear enable the absolutely zero stacking. The module can be switched on/off through the front panel ON/OFF switch.

LM Series power supplies are available with 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 125VDC and 220VDC output.
Key Design Features
  • Sleek, 1U High, 19 inch rack construction
  • Mains operated, with wide input range
  • Power factor corrected input
  • Isolated DC output
  • Over voltage protection
  • Remote sensing facility
  • Parallelable current sharing output.
  • High overall efficiency – 85% typical
  • Very low output ripple and noise 
  • Input EMI filtering to meet EN 55022 Class A
  • 20 millisecond hold-up time
  • Two front panel 3 digit DPMS for V and I
  • Internal forced air cooling with zero stacking