Solar PCU

SunSine series of Solar Power Generating System (SPGS) to provide most efficient and economical electrical power for domestic applications with optimum use of solar power. SunSine SGPS provides pure sine wave output with built in automatic priority selector switch technology for the optimum use of solar power.

Capacity available from 1kW to 30kW. 
State of the art technology
SunSine series designed with high frequency switch mode technology using DSP controllers to have lower harmonic distortion sine wave with a smaller foot print size.

Bi-directional intelligent inverter cum charger
With the help of bi directional intelligent inverter cum battery charger, SunSine SPGS achieves very high AC-DC and DC-AC conversion efficiency. This helps to reduce the heat losses and will result in lower utility electric bills.

High efficiency
As the DC-AC efficiency is more than 92%, the use of the battery AH capacity will be optimum. i.e the same AH battery will provide longer back up time compared to lower efficient inverters. This will reduce the cost of ownership of batteries.

Priority selector switch technology:
SunSine SPGS is incorporated with priority selector switch technology, which is help to use the available solar power to the full extend. In the absence of solar power, it will give priority to utility supply and then to battery.