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Arabian Power Electronics Company (APEC) is a leading global power electronics manufacturer having worldwide operations with production facilities in Saudi Arabia and India for last 26 years. We are proud of our innovative Research and Development Center in India for continuos development of high-end power electronics technology and future oriented products.

 APEC is established explicitly to localize the technical know-how and to enable the technology transfer of UPS Systems, Battery Chargers, Frequency Converters, Inverters, Variable Speed Drives System and Solar Power Systems.

APEC team consist of highly experienced professional team in respective fields.

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Our Strength

Integrated Production Plant
The plant have 3000 sq.m production area with fabrication, mechanical assembly, electrical assebly, test area and storage.
Sophisticated Testing Area
Full fledged Warehouse
Approvals & Major Works Done
UPS & DC Systems Installation Base - 750+
Systems Maintenance Contract - 750+
Customer Base - 300+
Power Supply Systems - 1MW+

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